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Welcome to Transatlantic Connection

Founded in 1991, our company helps put high-tech manufacturing technology to work. We provide the manufacturing sector with products and services designed to increase productivity and competitiveness.


Machine Components and Systems

Machine Components and Systems
Transatlantic Connection represents or works with well-known machine component manufacturers, including BERG Spanntechnik, BKW Küma, Fluiten, Rotomors, Hyprostatik, HAWE, Sidepalsa, Diviprec, MINK, Roehrs, Oswald and others. Visit our Machine Components and Systems page to find out what we have to offer.

Gauges for the Machine Tool Industry

Gauges for The Machine Tool Industry
Transatlantic Connection carries a wide variety of gauges for the machine tool industry for both machine builders and end users using both standard and HSK taper machines: runout arbors, tool taper, spindle taper, drawbar clamping force, and others. Most gauges are available from stock.

HSK Taper

The HSK Taper
Transatlantic Connection offers everything for the HSK machine builder as well as the end user – gauges, machine components, tool holders, and accessories. Visit our Tech Resource Guide for information on the HSK system.


BERG Clamping Systems

BERG Clamping Systems
Transatlantic Connection offers power drawbar systems and automatic tool change grippers from BERG Spanntechnik for both standard and HSK taper machining centers. BERG Spanntechnik tool clamping systems are widely used in the metalworking, glass, and wood industries.

BKW/KÜMA Cooling & Filtering Systems

BKW/KÜMA Cooling & Filtering Systems
For more than 25 years, BKW/KÜMA has been a recognized name in industrial cooling and filtering systems.

Gutekunst Federn Springs

Gutekunst Springs
The production lines cover the manufacture of different types of spring made from all common spring steels in small quantities or large batches. There are always 11,500 different standard size springs permanently available in our store. A separate development department is at your disposal to meet any requirements.

European Parts Sourcing Services

European & Asian Parts Sourcing Services
Transatlantic Connection, Inc. is a comprehensive supplier of all types European and Asian components. Our network can quickly and efficiently source virtually any part required for your production directly from an overseas manufacturer. We can help your company avoid the time-consuming, troublesome, and costly process of obtaining parts directly from a foreign country – or the long lead time and high prices from a U.S. representative.

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